Learn about what Nantasha is fighting for and her 27 ideas to strengthen District 27.

Economic Development

Revitalize Downtown Jamaica

Diversify the economy of Downtown Jamaica through new construction of museums, bars and restaurants that hire locally and keep our patronage here.

Commercial Beautification

Implement a citywide commercial beautification fund, providing low-interest loans to existing retail stores in “commercial deserts.”  Improving storefronts and neglected structures will bring more business to the neighborhood, stimulating local economic growth.

Support Local Businesses

Support local businesses through a capacity building incubator program and ensure access to capital resources. Strengthening the vitality of local business will allow for them to better leverage opportunities in the community, such as downtown Jamaica revitalization and the JFK Redevelopment programs.

Youth Development

Create entrepreneurship, athletics, academic enrichment, arts and extracurricular programs for middle and high school students. Supporting programs for students during out of school hours helps ensure and accelerate their success.



Balance Funding for Legal Aid

Mandate all District Attorney funding be matched by funding provided to the Legal Aid Society for both civil and criminal matters.

Expand the Crisis Management System

Increase resources to the New York City Crisis Management System, where credible messengers and credible clinicians serve the immediate and long term needs of youth and community. The Crisis Management System is responsible for a 40% reduction in shootings in the 17 most violent precincts in NYC.

Immigration Lawyer for All

Enact legislation that provides all undocumented immigrants with an IDNYC a free attorney for all immigration court appearances.

CCRB to investigate racial profiling complaints against officers

To date, NYPD has not substantiated any racial profiling complaint against an officer since the Department started tracking those complaints in 2015. This also means that no officer has been punished for racial profiling, too. In a 2018 report by the Inspector General for the NYPD (IG), the IG found that there were many issues in the way NYPD investigates, tracks, and classifies racial profiling complaints. Strengthen CCRB’s provision around bias based profiling by law enforcement. There are currently no civil fines or penalties for bias-based profiling, an amendment can be made to the law to change this. This is another way of holding law enforcement accountable. 

Mandate NYPD to Inform Parents of Children who are in the Gang Database

The requirements for being labeled a gang member are significantly low, and the consequences are often grave. When a person is listed in a gang database, which requires no proof of criminal activity, they can be denied equal access to housing, schooling, recreation, naturalization, and more. Additionally, under the current system, parents do not have to be notified if their minor children have been placed in a gang database. Demanding that NYPD must notify parents and legal guardians of such actions is essential. Information sharing with schools through School Resource Officers can also amplify the existing inequities of the school-to-prison pipeline for students of color.


3K for All

Establish free 3K for every New York student age 3. Research has shown that pre-K, particularly for economically disadvantaged children, can significantly impact their success as they move on to elementary and beyond.

Fund PTAs

Allocate funding for Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) programming to foster parental involvement while funding school trips or other activities. This will help improve PTA funding parity in the district in comparison to other PTA’s across the city.

Vocational Training

Increase vocational and college-level programs and courses in local high schools, such as construction skills, building works, and technical trainings. By providing vocational alternatives, high school students will have options towards creating a career of their choice. 

Increase Guidance Counselors and Social Workers

Establish a mandate for all New York City public schools to increase the number of full-time guidance counselors and Social Workers on staff available to provide counseling services to students. On average there is one guidance counselor per 381 students and one social worker per 716 numbers.


Establish a scholarship to supplement the tuition of undocumented New Yorkers attending CUNY who do not qualify for federal tuition assistance – with IDNYC as proof of residency.

Community Schools for All

By establishing community schools we will foster stronger families and healthier communities. Community schools not only focus on academics but health, social services, youth and community development.  Schools become centers of our community and are accessible to everyone.


Affordable Homeownership

Establish an affordable homeownership pilot program, that allows the City to purchase foreclosed homes and work with nonprofits to refurbish them at lower rates to reduce overall buying cost. Program participants will receive support before, during and after their purchase to ensure financial success. First time home-buyers who live in targeted zip codes will be prioritized for this program. 

Mandatory Foreclosure


Mandate that banks provide independent financial counseling, at their expense, prior to initiating foreclosure to make every effort to save our homeowners.

York College Dormitory Housing

Build affordable housing for local young professionals attending York College to make them residents of our community.

Vacant Lot Tax

Establish a property tax surcharge for storefront properties, abandoned homes or vacant lots that remain vacant beyond 4 years.



Gold Years Educational Grant

Create the Gold Years Educational Grant for senior citizens to enroll in CUNY for free.

Senior Snow Removal

Establish a free snow removal service for senior citizens and the disabled who pre-register before a major snowstorm to provide trusted snow removal service.

Fraud Awareness Campaign for Seniors 

Employ and train local youths through SYEP to better educate seniors of fraud trends such as (email/cyber crime, mailer scams,  deed fraud etc) through door-to-door canvassing over the Summer.

Increase Adult Protective Services Fund

Increase funding for Adult Protective Services to protect senior citizens and the disabled in vulnerable situations. At-home living and the closing of local senior centers due to COVID-19 calls for increased protective services in many local communities.


One Way Streets in Southeast Queens

Establish a comprehensive report to install one-way streets across CB12 and CB13 to relieve traffic congestion.

Expand the Atlantic Ticket

Expand the reduced fare Long Island Railroad service to Manhattan and Long Island City.

Modernize and Improve Public Transit

Explore new creative means of transportation such as micro-mobility (ie., scooters, bike access) and incentivizing car sharing.  Additionally, continue to champion efforts that create affordable, reliable and fast public transit through improving existing transit infrastructure and operations.